Pisces/Virgo Full Moon

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Issue #84, March 3, 2004

The Full Moon in Virgo is March 6th, at 3:14pm PST in 16° Virgo. At each Full Moon we get a chance to experience the polarity relationship of two signs. Our task is to discover how the energies of the two signs balance and support each other. For Pisces and Virgo we are dealing with water and earth energies. Our challenge is to experience synergy instead of confrontation. Our goal is to appreciate the strengths and integrate the messages of the two complementary signs.

When we look at Pisces and Virgo, we find that they really do need each other. Pisces' dream world relaxes us after a busy day at work. The fishes' connection with the Infinite is a welcome relief from the practical world of everyday chores.

Off it its own world, Pisces gets lost in fantasies, succumbs to addictions to try to escape worldly reality, and indulges in wishful thinking to avoid responsibility. Virgo reminds Pisces of the practical necessities of the physical world. Virgo suggests getting a job, or offering a remunerated service to pay the rent and buy food.

Virgo can get lost and depressed in the trenches. Pisces is always available to remind this worker bee that the Divine is everywhere, and lives in the heart of every living being. Virgo is ready to remind Pisces that service to humanity can ground him, so that he can be productive and functional on the Earth plane. Pisces allows the space to do nothing so we can open up to guidance on what to do. Virgo connects us with the Earth, so we can do what it takes to bring our good ideas into manifestation.

There is an interesting book entitled After the Ecstasy, the Laundry by Jack Kornfield. The title of this book is a Pisces/Virgo inspiration. Kornfield reports on his findings after having interviewed many men and women who have attained what is considered a certain level of spiritual enlightenment. His goal was to find out what their lives were about after their experiences of illumination. What happened when they left the mountain top and returned to their spouse, children, daily chores and even real jobs? Away from the ashram, how did they deal with relationships, earn a living, and manage their emotional issues?

Although I had suspected it, it was a relief to get documented proof that everyone is human. Even the enlightened ones have emotional upsets and have to deal with anger, fear and sadness. Even the illumined ones have to take care of their bodies, do the laundry and make breakfast.

So as the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon approaches, examine how your worldly life supports your spirituality and how your spiritual path makes your daily tasks more meaningful. Take some time to relax into your humanness. Accept that you are here to learn how to navigate this human trip; and so is everyone else. Give yourself a break. Don't be so hard on yourself. Celebrate spring with a good cleansing, and get rid of another layer of judgment, guilt and shame.

Isn't it great we are all humans doing our best to get the most out of our in-the-body experience and beautiful soul, all in one? Honor yourself and your path. On the Spring Equinox, March 19, we will begin another year of our journey through the Zodiac.


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