Scorpio New Moon - Past Demon or Future Ally?

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. - Number 97 - November 10, 2004

The Scorpio New Moon is November 12th at 2:28am PST or 2:28pm GMT at 20° Scorpio. Locate where 20° Scorpio falls in your chart and any other planets at 20° (or within 3°). You will probably identify what you already know something deep is transpiring. You may not be able to identify it yet, but you sense a profound stirring, inner shift or awakening.

An Intense and Volatile Period

The Sun in Scorpio always plunges us into an intense period. The Sun is in Scorpio from October 22nd through November 20th. The fact that two outer planets are shifting directions adds an element of volatility to the cosmic mix.

Saturn goes retrograde (at 27° Cancer) for 4 months starting November 7 and continues its backward movement through March 22, 2005. Saturn retrograde makes us more aware of physical limitations. We are obliged to be practical and get grounded. We may feel the need to re-evaluate our plans, to assess our resources and to examine our methods for accomplishing our goals. To make the most of this time, it is important to keep in mind that Saturn is asking us to be realistic, not depressed or resigned. Saturn does want us to manifest our dreams. In fact, without Saturn's earthly energy, manifestation is not possible. Saturn constantly reminds us that to be able to create in the physical dimension, we have to play by the rules of material reality.

Uranus, the joker card, goes direct November 11th. We certainly won't be able to despair with Uranus playing its surprise cards. Uranus is a prime player in the party as it moves forward, after having been retrograde since June 10th. Would you believe the moment Uranus moves direct is 11/11 at 11:11am? In numerology eleven is a master number. It is the number of our inner and cosmic guru. Eleven is the number that reminds us to bow to no other authority than the Divine. Uranus is telling us to wake-up, to liberate ourselves from the bondage that we have knowingly and unknowingly created. What greater personal and collective revolution than to connect with the Divine, actually listen to our Guru's instructions, and to follow this guidance? Uranus is inspiring us to break free from conventional wisdom and to listen to the wisdom of the heart, that is available to each of us through our personal attunement to and connection with Spirit. It is a time to forge alliances with other souls who share the same dreams.

Mars moves into Scorpio November 10th, and stays through December 25th. Our desire level is heightened. Our courage is openly available. If we act in total integrity, we can use our personal power to make things happen. Total integrity means that we must act from an internal stance of harmony and peace. For inner peace is a requirement for outer peace. Our inner state determines what we create in our outer world. It is appropriate now to become aware of how we are fighting with ourselves and to stop our internal war games.

Cause and Effect

Scorpio reminds us of the relationship between cause and effect. It is amazing how, personally and collectively, we tend to ignore the cosmic law of cause and effect - despite the fact that if we would wake-up just a little bit, we could see clearly how our fears, neuroses and beliefs create our reality. If this weren't the case, would we not live in a peaceful and loving world where everyone got their needs met?

Scorpio is a time of truth or consequences. In order to identify the truth, we have to clarify our motivations and explore our intentions. Scorpio obliges us to penetrate to the core of our emotional make-up. We have to bring into our conscious awareness how we suppress our feelings, how we project our emotional stories onto others, and how we blame our plight onto the collective them. We have to face our fears, see through our stories, and admit the fallacies of our protective beliefs. Of course, this is not the most comfortable part of our spiritual process, but it is a prerequisite for our awakening. We have to go through the dark tunnel to connect with our primal emotional energies.

Scorpio pushes us along our evolutionary edge. By facing our demons, we find out how we give away our power. Our shadows become our teachers. They challenge us to wake-up. The good news is, that whatever we examine honestly and humbly, can be infused with light. We realize that we are accountable for everything we have created. Scorpio urges us to become more cognizant of the consequences of our feelings, thoughts and actions. As we do so, we become aware of how irresponsibly we use our personal power, and emotional and energetic resources. We have an opportunity to cultivate emotional intelligence and reclaim our power in the process. Best of all, if we really pay attention, we discover that our nagging discontent is the deep longing desire of our soul, to wake us up to a more intimate connection with the Divine.

How do you Face the Future?

Shiv Charan Singh writes that "We have a strange tendency to walk into the future backwards".(1) This backward focusing instinct is partially rooted in the fact that we cannot see the future, but it is more significantly rooted in our fear of the unknown. Our fear of the unknown leads us to cling to the past, which seems safe. Rather than facing the future directly, which makes us feel insecure and afraid, we opt to dwell on the past, which gives us a feeling of predictability and security. The problem arises when we try to project the past into the future, in order to attempt to control the outcome. We end up not only limiting our options, we doom ourselves to repeat some of the same painful scenarios that we wish to avoid.

While the Sun is in Scorpio is a perfect time to examine this human tendency. Psychotherapy examination of the inner child, focuses on our unmet needs as a child, and why we did not get our needs met. We can gain a useful understanding of our past. We can learn to manage our emotions (re-parent our inner child), and create within ourselves a sense of safety from which new risks can be taken.(2) It is not enough, however, just to take the child of the past and, based on past images, set up its safety and well-being in the future. In this way you are left constantly in the past, never catching up with the moment, never mind facing the moment that is your future. The projection of the historic child into the future totally stifles the person you would become.(3)

Enter the Future Looking Forward

The question is, how can we shift our attention to who we are becoming? How can our past support us, instead of being a crutch or a place of retreat, if the future seems too threatening? We must transform our inner child into a reliable, supportive friend, instead of a victim of circumstances. Our inner child can offer us empathy, understanding and encouragement. Instead of being stuck in the trauma of unpleasant experiences, our inner child can gain a sense of self-worth and maturity.

In the process of recognizing our inner power, our inner child transforms from a child of the past to a child of the future. We can use our inner persona to attend to who we are becoming, instead of to who we have been. The true spirit of our child is fed by our soul, which is most concerned about our awakening, our destiny, and our freedom to be and enjoy our unique identity, and to offer our gifts to the world.

To access and empower the pure, childlike persona of our soul, we must look into the darkness and see the Infinite, instead of the past. We must connect with our inner space as the substance of our soul, instead of false demons to be avoided or pacified. Look into you own heart and see your soul. The future is now yours!

Kundalini Yoga - Exercise and Meditation

The soul eye is the left eye. Our right eye is our worldly eye. A powerful exercise is to look left eye to left eye into a mirror. Warning: many people start crying. It is powerful to feel the presence of your own soul looking back at you. If you continue this exercise for a period of time (weeks), you will go through many changes. Sometimes it is very hard at the beginning to look into your soul. After some time (it varies with each person) you start to enjoy it, and the connection can make you very happy.

When you are ready (after a few minutes), close your eyes, place your hands on your heart and listen to your heartbeat. Listen as though your heart had something very special to tell you. Cultivate the art of really LISTENING. You will be surprised at what you hear, maybe not right at that moment, but over time you will hear your soul speak to you.

In this way, cultivate a feeling of confidence and trust in your soul. The more you do so, the more you will feel confident and excited about creating your future.

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